I never needed you to be strong. I never needed you for pointing out my wrongs. I never needed pain, I never needed strain - my love for you is strong enough, you should have known.
I never needed you for judgment. I never needed you to question what I spend. I never ask for help, I take care of myself - I donít know why you think you got a hold on me...

And itís a little late for conversations, there isnít anything for you to say. And my eyes hurt, hands shiver, so look at me and listen to me becauseÖ

I donít want to stay another minute.
I donít want you to say a single word.
Hush hush - there is no other way, I get the final say.
BecauseÖ I donít want to, do this any longer. I donít want you, theres nothing left to say. Iíve already spoken, our love is broken.

I never needed your corrections on everything from how I act to what I say.. I never needed words, I never needed hurts, I never needed you to be there everyday.
Iím sorry for the way I let go from everything I wanted when you came along, but I am never beaten, broken not defeated - I know next to you is not where I belong.

No more words - No more lies - No more crying - No more pain - No more hurt - No more trying
14.8.11 20:13

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