Way back home

Rain pours down over a city, night has fallen like a stone. Are you gone or are you with me? In my heart I'll never know...
If I close my eyes I'll see you, hear your footsteps in the rain. In my dream I'll never find you but I'll hear you call my name!
As I tread through crowds of people trying to keep from looking back. Got your sense on something passing and it sends me off my track...

Do I find you will I follow to forever and a day. I can feel you in the distance but you seem so far away.

What if I just can't find my way back home? What about all the things I just don't don't know? What if I just can't find my way back home... Would you be there to show me where to go?

You did it again. And I am so fucking afraid...
15.6.11 09:36

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